Friday, November 1, 2013


Thanks to the kind folks at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary in Easthampton, MA, I was able to pick up my 150th species: Dark-eyed Junco. I know they're trickling into our area now, but this was a chance to get 1) a preview and 2) a little New England birding under my belt. (And I don't mind admitting I still have no idea how to tell a Black-capped from a Carolina Chickadee.)

A very experienced birder at Arcadia pointed me to the exact location where I could expect to find the Dark-eyeds, and sure enough, there were a dozen right in front of me. Buffed up and squinty-eyed, the Dark-eyeds were more concerned with the strong wind than with my presence, so I got a long look at them. I didn't have the camera with me, though, so I'm including this painting from Crista Forest.

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