Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Springfield Snowy Owl

Popped down to Springfield after work today in hopes of spending some time with our newest Snowy. By sheer dumb luck, I bumped into a group of birders at the top of one of the parking garages, and they were kind enough to point out the Snowy. It was tucked into the corner of the roof of the mall, and from my original viewing angle, I could just barely make out his eyes (picture included). After staring stupefied for many minutes, I decided to use my brain for a minute and move back about 50 yards. The viewing then was much improved.

This marks the third Snowy Owl I've seen this season. If I'd really tried (as others have), I could've seen at least five others, but I'm delighted with the three I've been lucky enough to see. Many thanks to all the folks who've provided detailed sightings and locations!

(Bonus: some pictures of the Pink-footed Geese I saw this past weekend in Maryland. Many thanks to Larry Meade for the directions!)