Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Red-shouldered Pals

Joined Bill Brown, Joe Coleman, and others for a midweek walk in Loudon County. Our first stop was at Lyndora Park in Ashburn. As expected, things were sparrowy, with a smattering of other usual suspects. A nice treat for me were the Killdeer on the soccer pitch. As they grazed in the sunshine, a large man in a large tractor plowed the field. The Killdeer barely blinked.

After a couple of hours at Lyndora, we drove over to Broadlands Wetlands, whereupon we spotted two Red-shouldered Hawks perched in a tree across from the Harris Teeter parking lot. And, as Bill mentioned in his VA-Bird posting, three of us stuck around just long enough to see a group of Killdeer and Wilson's Snipes take flight. An excellent conclusion to a lovely morning.

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