Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Dickcissel and Straggler Warblers

Had a lovely mid-week walk in Alexandria, led by two terrific birders, Dave Boltz and Phil Silas. As Phil mentioned in his va-bird summary, the morning started off slowly at Ben Brenman Park, but we were soon treated to multiple sparrows, kinglets, Yellow-rumpeds, and a lovely Blue-headed vireo. At one point, we had upwards of 5 Palm Warblers showing off in the same spot, and I was lucky enough to capture a few pics (one with Palms and a Ruby-crowned together; one of a Brown Thrasher and an Eastern Towhee together).

After a pitstop at Swings for some coffee, I made my way to Huntley Meadows to check out the revamped habitat. As expected, there were sparrows everywhere, but what I was really on the hunt for was a thrush or two. I got my wish with a Hermit Thrush, but the real treat came moments later when I spotted my first-ever Dickcissel. He stayed tucked away from decent photo ops (sorry to disappoint), but he did sit still just long enough for me to compare field markings with my field guide. Sure enough, a Dickcissel finally made my list.

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