Friday, October 11, 2013

Backyard Birding

Deterred by the rain (and a bit of oversleeping), I resolved to stay indoors today, foregoing even a quick birdwalk through the neighborhood. Much to my surprise, the birds came to me! In some stroke of good fortune (for me, though perhaps not for the birds), the rain and wind forced a great variety of small birds into the tree just outside our window. 

There were kinglets (RC and GC), chickadees, a phoebe, warblers (maggies and golden-rumpeds, for sure, as well as others I couldn't ID), and a brown creeper. This latter bird was a lifer for me, and I was so amazed that it landed just 10 feet from the window that I almost fell out of my chair! 

Here are two pics I managed to nab just before it crept its way out of view. What a lovely little bird...

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