Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Few More Lifers

Carol and Jay Hadlock put together a trip to Ocean City and Assateague this past weekend, so I jumped at the chance to spend some time with great birders and great birds. I had extended "life looks" at Common and Red-throated Loons; Black, White-winged, and Surf Scoters; and Purple Sandpipers. We also saw more Brant together (roughly 150) than most of us had ever seen.

Best of all, I got to add three new life birds! I had horrible but legitimate looks at a Common Eider in flight in Ocean City, and I had a slightly less horrible look at a Clay-colored Sparrow at Assateague. My best viewing by far (through the scope, of course; photo above for reference only) was the American Oystercatchers in Ocean City. I had a few birds on my wish list for the weekend, and Oystercatchers were near the top. Truly a bizarre and awesome little bird!

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